Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Legend of How the Loch was Formed

A Druid priest named Daly announced to his brethren that there was a blessed and enchanted healing well which was located deep within their fertile and lush valley. A sacred stone cover protected this enchanted healing water well. Daly warned that should the stone be left uncovered a great consequence would befall the land and its people. One long summer day a young Mother from the valley came to the well to fill her jug. Suddenly, she heard the cry of her child. Fearing the child was in danger, she ran to him. She had in haste, forgotten the warning of Daly and not replaced the stone cover on the sacred well. Within seconds of her departure and with great speed the well began to overflow with water and began to gush throughout the valley. The people realized that before their very eyes the valley itself was transforming. Waves were quickly replacing the landscape which moments before held an abundance of both flora and fauna. Citizens climbed up to the highlands for safety. Once safe, they looked down at the water and said in their native tongue, "Tha loch' nis ann" (which is pronounced loch neesh) which translated means, "There is a lake there now."

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