Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ISBN and Copyright!

It has been a lovely day for our book...

The ISBN number has been assigned and approval for its copyright is pending. Creating this book which is both beautiful in its content and tone has been truly self-actualizing! From the process of its creation, I have begun to understand why God made us...Our Lord and Father (whether or not we choose to accept, acknowledge, or love him these are His loving names)is indeed the ultimate writer and reader. We are His stories. We begin within His creator imagination. To Him each of us is a living mystery novel or short story. Even though He knows the ending I believe he has decided to not look ahead to know our ending. He wants to be surprised and delighted in how much we have chosen to learn and love during our earthly sojourn. He hopes that that we will have a "happy ending." This happy ending would be to fly into His arms upon our homecoming while feeling His "unconditional love,understanding and healing" of our now transparent raw souls.

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