Friday, June 26, 2009

First Book Review!

From J.E.E - Laguna Beach, CA

This book REALLY is fantastic. It is creative and entertaining. It is well edited to give it a good flow and the graphics are perfect.

"Alinda of the Loch" would make a wonderful movie. It is for all ages and a real heartwarming story. The visuals are clearly painted - each person is vivid in my mind. My favorite is Pisces.

The suspense is thrilling- starting from, "Had Shadow's gift failed?" to "Will she go back?" Romantics will love the triangle between Alinda, Andrew, and Grant and also the problem of Millie. Anglophiles will love the British speak, spelling, and style of writing.

The story also satisfies those who enjoy modern twists to fairy tales. When Grant is introduced, that page immediately includes modern references of airplanes and email. The story line of Alinda becoming famous designing jewelry for the rock star, Pisces, shows the comparison between a princess 500 years ago and a modern day princess. Alinda will have the choice between both. The many modern/ancient comparisons are thought-provoking.

The back story of Nessie reminds me of the back story of Wicked- it's amusing to think about all those years of people watching for Nessie and now we know where she came from.

The ending is clever and perfect. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Characters in our story...Get to know them...

Characters of Alinda of the Loch

Alinda - The youngest daughter of Queen Aurora and King Colin of Inverness-Shire.

Nessie - The legendary Loch Ness Monster and protector of the most precious jewel of the glen.

Queen Aurora - The real ‘Sleeping Beauty’ who was awakened by her beloved King Colin in her castle by the Loch. Mother of twin girls named Shona and Olivia and Alinda.

King Colin - Brave King of Aberdeen-shire, Husband of Sleeping Beauty and Father of Shona, Olivia and Alinda.

Shona - First born twin daughter of King Colin and Queen Aurora. Twin sister of Olivia and ten year older sister of Alinda.

Olivia - Second born twin daughter of King Colin and Queen Aurora. Twin sister of Shona and ten year older sister of Alinda.

Prince Andrew - Son of famous Highland King, best friend of Lady Isla, and sweetheart of Princess Alinda.

Lady Isla - Lady-in-waiting of Princess Alinda and best friend

Prince Andrew.

Grant - Son of a British rock star from London and brother of Kirsty.

Kirsty - Daughter of a British rock star from London and sister of Grant.

Robert - Famous British rock star.

Rebecca - Wife of Robert and Mother of Grant and Kirsty.

Millicent - Daughter of band member in Robert’s rock band and childhood friend of Kirsty and Grant.

Faith Fairy - Fairy who inspires those who often are sad or fearful.

Joy Fairy - Fairy who brings happiness and optimism to others.

Hope Fairy - Fairy who when others are beyond the ability to see darkness brings true light.

Shadow Fairy - Fairy who is always full of sadness and low self-esteem and seeks to destroy rather than build up others.

Pisces - Young pop star who influences others were her music and sense of style.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday, June 7th

Today, an opportunity to share the beauty of Alinda's story unfolded as I walked down State Street in my beloved Santa Barbara, California. After seeing three former students and listening how each of their current personal and professional lives are developing, I followed my daughter and her new husband into a bookstore. After browsing those hallow selves, I decided to ask one of the young associates working in a section of the store that sold fantasy books, if he thought they might be interested in the book my fellow teacher (who lives across the pond) and I had written. He was fascinated by the story and said he thought it deserved to be "pitched" to his manager.

After meeting with his manager, the following offer was given. As long as the book could be evaluated and judged as a "good read" and would not be under either a "vanity press or “print on demand," (which it is not as we also have begun our own publishing entity) they would offer us the chance to both sell it and promote it. If Oonagh and I wished, we could also do a reading and signing promotion.

It will be approximately three weeks until the audio book and printed book will be available for sale, gifts, or promotion (it take quite a while to build a life, a family, an education, and a book) in their "perfected" form. The new publishing website "Across the Pond" is being designed as we speak...When we dream...we think...When we put the magic ingredient in our work which is "love," our product will be beyond the ordinary...and beyond our own imagination or expectations.