Friday, June 26, 2009

First Book Review!

From J.E.E - Laguna Beach, CA

This book REALLY is fantastic. It is creative and entertaining. It is well edited to give it a good flow and the graphics are perfect.

"Alinda of the Loch" would make a wonderful movie. It is for all ages and a real heartwarming story. The visuals are clearly painted - each person is vivid in my mind. My favorite is Pisces.

The suspense is thrilling- starting from, "Had Shadow's gift failed?" to "Will she go back?" Romantics will love the triangle between Alinda, Andrew, and Grant and also the problem of Millie. Anglophiles will love the British speak, spelling, and style of writing.

The story also satisfies those who enjoy modern twists to fairy tales. When Grant is introduced, that page immediately includes modern references of airplanes and email. The story line of Alinda becoming famous designing jewelry for the rock star, Pisces, shows the comparison between a princess 500 years ago and a modern day princess. Alinda will have the choice between both. The many modern/ancient comparisons are thought-provoking.

The back story of Nessie reminds me of the back story of Wicked- it's amusing to think about all those years of people watching for Nessie and now we know where she came from.

The ending is clever and perfect. :)

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