Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alinda's Story

What makes a fairy-tale a fairy-tale? Is it the familiar conflict where the pure of heart must struggle against an evil and manipulative foe? With this powerful little book, Alinda shows children of all ages how vital it is to recognize and access their own talents and abilities to overcome inevitable battles with darkness. The dual gifts of courage and fortitude within Alinda allow her to fight bravely for love and family (especially when all hope seems to be lost). Will Alinda tame her power as a young woman who has obtained both the status and rewards of being both a mythical and modern day "princess?" It is time to read her tale for the answers.

The story of Alinda of the Loch (youngest daughter of Queen Aurora of Inverness-shire also known as the "real" Sleeping Beauty) will entertain, inspire and free you to travel with wise abandon to the land of your imagination. You will easily remember that magical feeling of once again enjoying and experiencing a fairy tale!

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