Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Legend from the Land of Sleeping Beauty and Her Children - Loch Ness Scotland

One night during a deep sleep, the kind and gentle comforter priestess of the Celts known as Bebhinn, was to be given a powerful message. This message had come from the Queen Caoimhe who ruled the land of the fairies. Caoimhe had weaved her needs and desires into Bebhinn’s dreams. The priestess was told that she had been chosen to become the human messenger of the fairies. She would serve for a season, those who resided in the land of the fairies or ancestors. The fairies needed a human voice to assist them, as many centuries had passed without finding a human worthy of the task. The Queen told the holy woman that contact was often not sought with the living as knowledge from the fairies often frightened those who walked in the kingdom of men. Many fairies had tried to bring messages to the sons of Adam. They found that through their attempts at contact they had become objects of ridicule or curiosity. However, now they believed they must share their happiness and secrets as the good people of the highlands were their neighbors and kin. They knew that to not share with others they themselves could lose their wisdom, which would be lethal to both worlds. Many fairies remembered the brave and kind Bebhinn from their time in human form. The Queen after hearing how the priestess had healed many who suffered from pain and despair, decided that they had found a messenger they could trust. The fairies would request she come to their grand kingdom to collect knowledge on how to heal and spread joy to those most like them, the people who lived in their old glen and highlands. Bebhinn was then told by Queen Caoimhee to take a journey to the land of the great northern loch. Once she reached he well-known rocky outcrop overlooking the water, she was to make a camp and rest. When in a deep sleep, she would be taken to the land of the fairies. Bebhinn was eager to do the will of the fairies. She set off the next day on her journey to the great loch and land of the fairies. When she arrived, she made her bed and began her rest. Suddenly, she felt peaceful and fell into a deep slumber. When she awakened, she found herself in the heavenly land of the ancestors. She enjoyed her time with the enchanted ones. She was told many secrets by the fairies and was given healing potions and stories to share with her upon her return to the highlands and the loch. Filled with their joy and hope, she returned to her people. Bebhinn became known both near and far as a wise and holy healer. Many sought to learn from her until the end of her life whereupon , she traveled once again to the land of the fairies and ancestors

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