Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The View of our Imagination from the Grand Administrator's perspective

This graphic best illustrates my view on what a soul looks like that has "not bought into negative cultural thinking." Those types of cultures leave little room for dreamers. It is only where "imagination and faith" dance within people, that the full power of knowing and accessing the love and heart of our Creator exists. He loves to play and dance in with us and our our ideas...He gave us the gift to dream. We emulate Him through the use of our intellect and thoughts rather than through popular media and modern cultural propaganda.

It is up to us to take on the challenge of finding where within our lives we can be creative. Any life pursuit ( examples can be showing love or concern for another, reading, surfing, creating a piece of art) done with the product being lost as the process is undertaken, is a direct means to accessing our creativity. When we do access our creativity through actions and thoughts that create rather than destroy, we become powerful. Powerful in that we can find and then share with others the product of our internal happiness. If we thrown away our creativity as if it where a gauntlet of our defeat, we become temporarily, lost. When we see what we could have done as our dreams " hit the ground" we often do not notice an invisible vapor of "depression " was released at its point of impact. That depression if not fought with a new weapon of faith and creativity will be heading straight for us...

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