Sunday, March 22, 2009

Alinda of the Loch - The Story of Sleeping Beauty's Daughter

Oonagh (my Scottish friend and 4th Grade teacher in the U.K.) and I (American/German Marketing professor) began writing the story of Sleeping Beauty's Daughter, Alinda approximately two years ago (2007). Since the time we began writing our story we have together spent seven long weekends traveling "across the point" to finish it. Unbelievably, as of one week ago today, we did indeed complete it. Currently, the finshed manuscript is in the process of being proofread and "cleaned up."

Additionally, we have been talking with professional and amateur graphic artists who (with great passion) have joined our team . They are going modifiy or use as (base illustrations) many of the images from the Archival Art (public domain graphics) library, Those that we ultimately select will complement the story that has been written with the goal of inspiring and lifing up the young and young-at-heart.

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