Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Alinda of the Loch - Review by College Students Number 1

We are all children at heart and we all crave a good fairy tale now and then just to simply let us escape from this hard cold reality into a world of fairies and wonders.
This is exactly what the authors of “Alinda of the Loch” did, they kidnapped us to Scotland where we were allowed to be part of a fairy tale that went beyond ‘and they lived happily ever after.’ Their story is based on the Brothers Grimm collected story about the sleeping beauty only with a modern time twist. As a child I always fantasized that I had the ability to switch back Channel Fairy Tale to see what happened to the heroes or heroines of the story just as in a soap opera on television. Oonagh Jane Pope and Julie Ann Brown made this wish become reality. If you remember the story about the sleeping beauty you remember that she (Aurora) was awakened by a prince and the story ended when they got married. This book goes beyond that. It tells us about the evil fairy who took revenge by casting another and even worse spell onto their youngest daughter named Alinda. She was sentenced to sleep for 500 years. But at least her parents were able to make sure she would be as well-prepared as possible for that day to come and even gave her a little dragon who became her guardian during all those years – this dragon was none other than the infamous Loch Ness Monster or as the media lovingly called her, ‘Nessie’.
But this wasn’t the only fortunate circumstance that appeared to help Alinda. When she woke up she had an instant friend and admirer – Grant, the son of a rock star whose family had a holiday castle very close by. Even though the evil fairy discontinued her existence when she caste the spell on Alinda , evil still lurked around the corner – this time in the form of the jealous heartbroken girl Millie who is secretly in love with Grant and is filled with hatred for Alinda who appeared out of nowhere and stole Grants heart.
But this is about all I want to tell you about the exciting story of a fairytale princess and her adventures in modern times. I’m not usually someone who has a very long attention span, but I sat down and read this book from beginning to end in about 2 hours. I was very happy it was easy to read and to understand because in this day and age it’s hard to find the time for a book. But don’t be fooled, even though the book is relatively short, it doesn’t skimp on the quality of the story and while you’re reading it you can literally smell the grass of the Scottish highlands!
Make sure to get yourself a copy and follow Alinda on her journey through rock and roll stardom, love, jealousy, independence and trying to get by in a the world of the future. Don’t forget to order a few copies, so you can share them with your loved ones and your grandchildren. It makes a really nice and thoughtful gift and since it comes with a beautiful glitter cover you can save yourself the gift-wrapping as well!

Silvia G

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